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Wash basin buckle without punching

Wash basin buckle without punching

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There are too many washbasins, which take up too much space. There is no suitable place to store the washbasins at home, so stacking them directly takes up a lot of space? Try this washbasin stand. The walls at home can be hung at will, and if you want to tear them off in the wrong place, they will leave no marks when disassembled. Make full use of vertical space.Handle multiple pots in one piece, saving money and space, and making it easy to retrieve the buckle.Stable adhesion and easy hanging.No damage to walls, no detachment, no punching, easy load-bearing, waterproof and moisture-proof.

Product parameters:
Product feature: Strong rust prevention function
Name: Nordic basin rack
Scope of application: Bathroom, balcony, kitchen
Material: Solid thickened space aluminum
Installation method: nail free adhesive
Other accessories

Girls can also easily install:
1. Wipe the wall clean (no water or oil stains)
2. Apply nail free adhesive evenly to the back of the base
3. Align the position and apply auxiliary stickers
4. Use after standing for 48 hours

Suitable for various wall surfaces: glass walls, marble walls, stainless steel walls, acrylic walls, template walls, and ceramic tile walls.

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