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Sweeping and scraping integrated magic broom

Sweeping and scraping integrated magic broom

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Magic broom, integrated with sweeping and scraping, sweeping and scraping, non sticky to hair, soft and durable.

Breaking the traditional new technology: fearless hair, instant cleaning, integrated sweeping and scraping, dual use dry and wet, soft and durable, 180 ° rotation.

A new type of magic broom, the floor is hung with water without leaking seams, saying goodbye to being unable to dry or clean, accumulating water or dust, no longer producing mold or bacteria, and maintaining family hygiene.

Seamless fitting frame, foam water stains without leaving marks, anti-collision soft silicone, no damage to home, reduce collisions.Go deep into the crevices below, forgotten corners and corners, and even clean the dead corners of your home, you can sweep out the accumulated dust from low legged furniture.180 ° flexible joint, free rotation, bottomless dead angle, can rotate and move freely at 180 °, and can be used in multiple scenarios.The 31CM extended scraper head has a larger cleaning area and can sweep out more garbage in one action.

No floor picking, suitable for various floors, silicone soft strips, suitable for all scenarios in non floor picking households.Soft and wear-resistant silicone strip, no damage to the floor, more reassuring. TRP soft scraping head, integrated molding with high density.Easy water washing, stains can be easily cleaned with just one rinse.

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