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Stainless steel spatula frame

Stainless steel spatula frame

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Stainless steel spatula holder, 8-hook storage, 360 ° rotation, thickened base。

1.360 ° rotation
2. Stainless steel
3.8 Hook storage
4. Thickened base
5. No nails, no battles
6. Luxury design

Can rotate 360 °, kitchen rotating hook, stainless steel material/anti scalding and non rusting。

A neat kitchen with an 8-hook design for easy storage of kitchen utensils。

Convenient to take, space saving, minimalist and space saving, no longer busy cooking。

Rotable and extremely flexible, with 360 ° smooth rotation for more convenient retrieval。

Enlarge the base, making it difficult to roll over. A 14cm stable base ensures stable placement without shaking.。

Thickened 1.5cm load-bearing rod, with strong load-bearing capacity。

Product parameters
Product Name: Pot Shovel Spoon Hanger
Material: stainless steel+EVA
Color: shiny silver, black
Style: 8 hooks
Weight: 656g
Installation: No installation required

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