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Red Wine Pourer

Red Wine Pourer

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Petal shaped red wine pouring device, elegant pouring, effective storage, dual use with one device.

Suitable for different sizes of wine bottles: Easily insert wine bottles of different sizes. When in use, simply insert the decanter into the mouth of the wine bottle to pour the wine, which is simple and convenient.

Easy and elegant pouring, effectively sealed storage, petal shaped pouring device, novel design, simple operation, suitable for most bottle mouths, can avoid wine dripping into the bottle during pouring, and will not stain the wine label. It also has the function of sealing and storing alcohol.

Selected food grade silicone, with guaranteed safety and hygiene. The black bottom is made of food grade silicone, with a safe material and guaranteed safety and hygiene. The main body is made of acrylic material, which is durable and durable.

Step 1: Firmly stuff the silicone of the pour bottle into the mouth of the red wine bottle,
Part 2: Tilt the bottle mouth and the red wine will flow out through the decanter.

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