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Portable soap tablets

Portable soap tablets

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Portable travel soap, gentle hand protection that dissolves in water.Light and fragrant, with a pleasant smell that is not pungent, and various colors that are light and fragrant, giving you a clean and hygienic experience.

The foam is delicate and dense, with many bubbles, which can quickly clean the dirt.Exquisite and compact, easy to travel, weighing only 15G, carrying almost no weight.Enclosed design with cover, dustproof and dirt proof, easy to use and easy to extract, clean and hygienic.Home outdoor cleaning is always necessary, whether for home use or outdoor travel.

Product Information:
Name: Travel Portable Soap Tablets
Material: PP material+soap flakes
Size: 5.5cm * 7.5cm
Color: Blue/Green/Pink

1. Dry hands and remove soap flakes
2. Wet the soap slices with a little water
3. Gently produce a lot of foam
4. Clean foam with clean water

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