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SUS 304 Peeler knife

SUS 304 Peeler knife

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Peeling knife, scraping knife, 304 stainless steel household multifunctional fruit, vegetable, melon, potato, peeler, and shredder tool

Stainless steel series multi-purpose planer, you really need a good peeler.Multipurpose planer with wide practicality.Peeling with dense tooth surfaces is effortless.Wide tooth surface, easy wire shaving, no need to test the cutting tool.Design of hollowing out on both sides to remove the budding part

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Bold handle: matte metal texture, no burrs, comfortable grip
Hanging hole design: The handle has a hanging hole at the end, which is convenient for storage and does not occupy space when not in use. Dense toothed blade: sharp and durable, diversified in use, sturdy and durable.

Preferred stainless steel, easy to clean, thickened material, practical function

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