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Nano sponge magic eraser

Nano sponge magic eraser

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Clean the big guy, use a melamine sponge wipe, no cleaning agent required, just touch water, and it's easy to clean with just one wipe.

It is stronger and more durable after repeated kneading without deformation, and can easily handle tools with rough surfaces, reducing wear and tear and making it more durable.

Just clean water, strong stain removal, no ambiguity, no detergent required, daily cleaning can be directly wiped with a sponge. Stubborn stains can be wiped off with a small amount of cleaning agent.Can be cut arbitrarily, with a wide range of applications.

6 core advantages:
1: Wash with clean water
2: High density
3: Nanoscale
4: Strong decontamination
5: Strong resilience
6: More wear-resistant

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