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Magic Wipe

Magic Wipe

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Magical magic cloth, black technology, professional solution for residual water stains on wiping glass and paint surfaces.

Mirror surface without marks, overturning the past, removing dirt, restoring shine, applied to various mirror surface water collection, ash removal, stain removal, mark removal, and oil removal films.

High density warp and weft knitting process, highly efficient water absorption, made of double stranded high-density fiber loops, each fiber has hidden full water absorption ability, which can absorb three times its own weight of moisture.

Disrupting the "traditional dishcloth", which is soft but not hard, and has no water loss and odor.

Physical magic cutting, not easy to loose edges, specially designed high-speed knife mold, direct physical cutting edges are neat, hairless, and not easy to loose edges after long-term use.

1. Usage: Soak in clean water for a while without adding any detergent products, then forcefully wring the water dry before wiping glass, furniture, and other objects. Wait for natural air drying to remove any water marks.
2. Incorrect usage method: This product cannot be wiped dry or sprayed with water. Do not add detergent, otherwise it will become more and more blurred. Do not wipe oil fumes, and other objects with smooth surfaces can be wiped.
3. Product characteristics: This product is characterized by its stickiness and smoothness after being launched, and it is not true that there is not much stickiness when launched.

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