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Kitchen movable pull-out fruit and vegetable storage rack

Kitchen movable pull-out fruit and vegetable storage rack

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Semi enclosed drawer, vegetable drawer storage rack, oil and dust proof, multi-layer storage, 360 ° movable.

Flexible placement, double efficiency, and drive away clutter. Active in every corner of the family.
Strong load-bearing capacity, double stability, and secure placement.
Multiple choices, equipped with universal wheels and anti slip foot pads, make the storage more flexible and meet your needs.
Top flat storage, storage space instantly doubles, allowing for storage of pots, utensils, appliances, seasoning, etc.

Product details:
1. The edges are smooth and do not cut hands, ensuring safe retrieval
2. Hollow out design, ventilated and breathable, rodent and mosquito resistant.
3. Multi layer protective baking paint, scratch resistant and wear-resistant, ensuring safe use.
4. It is dirt resistant and easy to clean, with ingenious craftsmanship, and can be easily wiped.

Multiple specifications, you can choose from, multi-layer and orderly storage, allowing you to store most items.

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