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Double layered fruit and vegetable drain basket

Double layered fruit and vegetable drain basket

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Double layer fruit and vegetable drainage basket, fast drainage, sturdy and durable, thickened material, easy to clean and drain.Quick drainage, material safety, double sided handles, stacked storage, high appearance, and transparent bottom.Double layer design, two in one drainage storage, upper layer drainage and lower layer storage, with a beautiful and high-quality appearance.

Quick drainage, with just a gentle lift, the water can be drained and cleaned without any mistake, making it convenient and practical

Bottom hollowed out, quick drainage, dense hollowed out patterns, faster and more thorough drainage.

Inverted dustproof, fresh and insect proof, it is not only a drainage basket but also a vegetable cover.

The square design increases capacity, allowing ingredients to be cleaned at once and soaked to remove residues, making it easy to clean fruits and vegetables.

Double thickened material, sturdy and resistant to falling without deformation, with sufficient materials without odors, striving for excellence.


Product parameters:
Name: Double layered fruit and vegetable drain basket
Material: Food grade PET
Product features: thickened material, no water stains
Scope of application: Kitchen, countertop, living room, etc
Usage: Ready to use out of the box


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