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Cold water glass kettle

Cold water glass kettle

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Life. Ritual sense,The life of a petty bourgeoisie starts with this set of water tools.

The straight body of the pot is simple and elegant, creating a unique aesthetic design for the space. The low-key and steady smoky gray color, crystal clear, makes the moving parts of the drink more clear, giving a calm texture to life.

It's a cold water kettle and also a work of art, elegant and atmospheric, with a style of petty bourgeoisie and craftsmanship.

High borosilicate glass, resistant to sudden cooling and heat, can be directly poured into boiling water after freezing without cracking.

Eagle beak design, smooth water flow, no leakage when gathering, can also gather but not disperse when increasing the water flow, and the water cut is neat.

The large caliber design allows for more thorough cleaning, with a wider caliber that allows you to directly reach into the pot to clean the inner wall without fear of stains.

Product name: Jingzhi Cold Water Bottle
Material: High borosilicate glass
Process: Hand blown
Capacity: 1500ML pot, 300ML cup

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