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Balcony Outdoor Roof Flower Pot Planting Box

Balcony Outdoor Roof Flower Pot Planting Box

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Balcony planting box, returning to rural life, drainage and water storage, convenient assembly.

Multi functional planting box, durable, healthy and environmentally friendly, with drainage and water storage, and building block splicing. Start urban rural life.

A household planting artifact that meets the majority of household planting needs.

Sunproof and antifreeze resistant, rain resistant, antifreeze resistant, antioxidant, and long service life. Various types of plants, the required soil layer thickness, meet the needs of various vegetable cultivation.

Thickened material, strong load-bearing, sturdy and stable, intact and durable.Drainage and water storage, multifunctional composite chassis, capable of both drainage and water storage.

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