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Toilet Lid Lifter

Toilet Lid Lifter

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Portable - Silicone toilet lid lifting device, multi range adjustment, one click lid lifting, safe material.

Q cute design, skin friendly silicone, adjustable buckle, and easy to clean.
Q cute and beautiful, healing your interesting soul.

Good toughness, not easy to break, silicone material has good toughness and a delicate touch that does not affect toilet use.

Live a healthy life, cover your hands without getting dirty, and refuse direct contact for better hygiene.Adjustable buckle, all kinds of toilets can be used, freely adjustable according to the width of the toilet.

Silicone anti slip buckle, not easy to fall off, easy to fix, and does not damage the toilet glaze.Used together with a toilet seat cushion, it can be used without changing the width.Can be directly cleaned, clean and hygienic, made of silicone material, making cleaning very convenient.

Product parameters:
Name: Toilet Lid Lifter
Material: Silicone
Colors: pink, blue, yellow, green.

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