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Toast Pillow

Toast Pillow

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Heighten and widen triangular pillows, waist pillows, neck pillows, backrest, crouching pillows, and waist cushions.

Cute and cute, relieving back discomfort;
1. Comfortable fabric, short plush, smooth to support, and soft to fit.
2. Removable and washable design, machine washable, not easy to fade, independent inner liner.
3. Button design, multiple gears, adjustable height, cute pillow.

Multi gear adjustment and multiple usage methods provide you with different comfort.

Third gear adjustment, paired with a small pillow, with three rows of buttons on the side of the pillow.
Filled with three-dimensional cotton, full support, soft short plush fabric. Comfortable and warm.
Zipper design, the jacket can be disassembled and washed, the back zipper, and the independent inner jacket can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

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