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Solid Wood Fence Flower Pot

Solid Wood Fence Flower Pot

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Refusing mediocrity and uniqueness, fresh and simple rustic style solid wood fence basin, preferred solid wood, handmade, paired with beautiful plants.

There are multiple specifications to choose from, and there is always one that suits you. Each fence basin is handmade by our master, with exquisite craftsmanship.

Green and environmentally friendly, high aesthetic solid wood fence flower pots with flowers, plants, and objects are the touch of life, adding vitality to monotonous spaces.

Beautify your environment, and from now on, add a fresh simulated display to your home. Handmade, sturdy and durable. With foam inside, it is easy to arrange flowers.

Product Name: Solid Wood Fence Flower Pot
Material: Scotch pine+foam
Color: White, carbonized color
Product advantages: minimalist and aesthetically pleasing, with a stylish style, suitable for decorating shop windows, home balconies, window sills, and more.

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