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Rotatable circular storage box

Rotatable circular storage box

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Rotating circular storage tray, a new life for seasoning bottles and cans, with versatile storage options and a multifunctional 360 ° rotating storage tray.

Messy and cumbersome, it always makes you feel tired. Rotating to retrieve items breaks the constraints of space.
Suitable for both high and low cabinets, with a gentle twist for easy access.
Open space, more spacious than you think, practical, tidy, and easy to access.
High foot design, dirt resistant, aesthetically stable.
Smooth without dead corners, oil stains can be easily removed with just one wipe, making it a quick and satisfying cleaning experience.

Versatile and practical, with both scene and glory:
1. Kitchen storage
2. Fruit storage
3. Cosmetic storage
4. Snack storage

Name: Rotatable circular storage box
Material: HIPS
Specifications: Large, Small
Colors: orange, white, dark green, light green.

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