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Refrigerator Layered Storage Rack

Refrigerator Layered Storage Rack

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Stackable shelves and delivery clips make stacking more stable. Layered and stacked, storage expert, simple and practical.

1. Stacking: DIY enlarges and utilizes space, with multi-layer stacking for creative, practical, and space saving use.
2. Load bearing: Strong load-bearing capacity, high load-bearing capacity, more pressure resistant, kitchen utensils can be placed freely. Supported by 6 solid steel wires, the load-bearing capacity is stronger and more stable.
3. Accommodation: Versatile storage for easy use, multi-layer coordination, increased height, and easy storage.
4. Craftsmanship: Environmentally friendly paint shelf, safe and environmentally friendly, waterproof and moisture-proof, crafted with precision craftsmanship.
5. Careful: Thickening the material is more reassuring, while thickening the metal material is sturdy and durable.

Small size: 28 * 23 * 7.5cm
Medium size: 28 * 23 * 15.3cm
Large size: 28 * 23 * 20cm

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