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Kitchen wall mounted storage

Kitchen wall mounted storage

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Large capacity layered and classified storage, optimized materials, no harmful additions, more reassuring, easy storage of various items, multifunctional and very practical.

Increase the kitchen space, from flat to three-dimensional, we are transforming the messy into orderly.

Transparent and easy to open cabinet doors, waterproof and dustproof to maintain hygiene, magnetic adsorption type opening and closing cabinet doors, convenient for daily use.

Hanging design makes it convenient for tools to drain water, making it healthier and reducing bacterial growth.

Top tool storage, gently placed to widen the tool storage port, suitable for most tools on the market, maintaining the tool quality

The bottom drain tray ensures that the drainage utensils are not wet on the countertop. The design of the drain tray is thoughtful, and the water drained from the tableware does not fall off the way, keeping the kitchen countertop clean and tidy.

Strong load-bearing capacity, waterproof and dustproof, making it difficult to fall off, providing a place for kitchen supplies to be stored, keeping them tidy, and making your utensils and products cleaner.

Installation instructions:

1. Wipe the wall clean
2. Install a scratch free sticker on the back and tear it open

3. Stick the storage box to the wall
4. Remove the box body and exhaust the air inside the sticker

5. Reattach the storage box
6. Getting Started

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