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Intelligent Music Boxing Machine

Intelligent Music Boxing Machine

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Intelligent boxing machine wall target, not damaging the wall, quick installation.

1. Bluetooth music
2. Light flow
3. Speed adjustment
4. Non punching installation

Six core advantages:
1. Stereoscopic Bluetooth speaker
2. Anti seismic and silent without disturbing the public
3. Rhythmic lighting effect
4. Simulated feel
5. Training mode switching
6. Durable and explosion-proof

1. The lights flow and hit according to the rhythm,
2. Can play music for fun exercise,
3. Simulated leather, with a good impact feel,
4. The adhesive is firm and can withstand 800 pounds,
5. It can be used by both adults and children.

Fun boxing, release stress, passionate punching, fly away troubles, sweat hard to lose weight, and improve focus.

Bluetooth one click link, custom music, Bluetooth matching link, you can freely play your favorite music, and enjoy playing.

Not disturbing the public, let go of hitting, multiple layers of buffer layer, good hitting feel, and low sound.

The fist target is adjustable, the height can be adjusted freely, and 45 centimeters can be adjusted freely.

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