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Household doorstep shoe rack

Household doorstep shoe rack

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Modern and minimalist, standing storage shoe rack, small home with small shelves, clean and tidy, bringing warmth and sweetness into life.

High quality wall tube, high-temperature baking paint, stronger load-bearing, stable structure, multi-layer structure, and small footprint.

Style and color, providing different choices, different styles and colors to match different styles of life.

The focus of entering the home is to have a more orderly way of going out and returning home, creating a neat shoe rack to help keep the home organized and everything more orderly.

Small footprint, extending upwards to save space, minimalist and compact, with increased depth and open design.

Reasonable layer spacing, suitable for most shoes, with reasonable spacing, unrestricted, and easy to handle.

Strong support, stronger load-bearing, more stable, enlarged and thickened, stronger support, and more stable.

Selected wall pipes, high-temperature baking paint with delicate texture, bright color, waterproof and rust proof, more durable.

Arc edges and corners, reducing scratches and bumps, smooth and rounded, making children feel at ease and safer.

Not easy to shake, stable landing support, four corner support, triangular structure, more stable.

Dust proof panel, preventing dust from falling, solid panel, limited dust resistance, cleaner.

Material: Iron pipe
Product Color: White, Black, Bronze
Scope of application: Entrance, entrance, corridor
Process: High temperature baking paint


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