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Folding and installation free shoe rack new model

Folding and installation free shoe rack new model

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Six major buying points: transparent doors, compact and space saving, DIY free combination, high quality and strong load-bearing, upgraded with magnetic suction, easy installation in three steps.

Encountering a small fortune at the door, art adds light luxury to life.A space saving expert, occupying only 0.12 square meters.Thickened all hard plastic PP material, the shoe cabinet mainly uses polypropylene hard plastic material, which is high-temperature resistant, non-toxic and odorless, and the toilet surface is round, smooth, and without burrs. Compared to wooden materials, they are less susceptible to moisture.

Dual use shoes and boots, easy to fit, detachable partition for easy storage of boots.Stackable design, clever use of space, solving insufficient space and meeting your capacity needs.Strong load-bearing capacity, real person load-bearing test, only for you to use with peace of mind.

Gold circular door handle, comfortable to touch and easy to handle.Strong magnetic suction, with a click and instant fit. Opening and closing the door is more snug without leaving any gaps.Fearless of dust, the magnetic suction door fits better and protects your beloved shoes from dust.

Easy installation in 3 steps, saving time and effort.DIY style design, can be linked up, down, left, and right, and can be matched according to your preferences.

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