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Elastic storage bag

Elastic storage bag

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The color scheme of summer is always colorful, playful and cute, highlighting the unique caution of girls. Whether it's the lake water of Ebi blue or the shimmering combination of light daisies, they are all products of summer's passionate atmosphere. Come and enjoy this beautiful thing too.

Light oxygen girl, vitality is coming  Mini Fragment Storage Bag

Small and exquisite, pack summer into your bag quickly.Can be easily loaded into a bag without any burden on travel.

It can be opened with just a pinch and can be operated with one hand. The opening is equipped with built-in shrapnel, which can be easily opened with a pinch and automatically tightened.

Lipstick, change, coins, keys, earphone cables, and more scenes waiting for you to explore.

Product name: Fragment storage bag
Material: T400 small Oxford composite knitted fabric
Size: 13 * 5 * 12CM
Color: Peach/Aqua Blue Heart/Colorful Orange/Four Leaf Purple/Apricot

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