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Diversion Drainage Bowl and Dish Storage Rack

Diversion Drainage Bowl and Dish Storage Rack

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Bowl and chopstick drainage rack, automatic drainage, convenient storage, hollow drainage, partition storage, transparent and visible.
Multi functional and large capacity, with chopsticks, dishes, bowls, and spoons stored in one rack, suitable for dishes with a diameter of less than 22cm, saving kitchen space.
The bottom guide channel allows for quick drainage without accumulation of water, allowing for timely drainage and hygiene.

The diversion water tank can rotate, and the outlet position is up to you to choose. The guide groove can rotate left and right to adjust the water outlet position.

Available in two colors, there is always a color you like, versatile and aesthetically pleasing to place in every position of the home.One item is versatile, meeting different storage needs and complementing every corner of life.

The thoughtful and round handle provides a comfortable grip, making handling more convenient and comfortable without burrs, making it easy to lift and move.Free disassembly for easy cleaning, flexible separation, and complete disassembly for cleaning.

Small details highlight high quality:
1. Hollow ventilation and drainage grid.
2. Divided chopstick cages of different sizes.
3. The bottom is raised with anti slip foot pads.
4. Rotatable guide tube.

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