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Creative Placement Cart

Creative Placement Cart

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Versatile, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing.

Healing good things collide with happiness, creating a serene and gentle Nordic color scheme that doesn't require much effort to match. The plain life adds a touch of color, and the unique design style only requires a little embellishment.

1.Scientific and reasonable height design, easy to take and within reach.
Suitable for various scenarios, with a minimalist and compact appearance that is aesthetically versatile.
2.Smooth, elegant, and linear aesthetics, with well-designed lines and precise proportional structures, provide a balanced aesthetic and allow tense emotions to relax in a harmonious and natural space.
3.Small stature, large capacity, multiple layers of large space storage, classified storage, easy to pick up, stable and stable.

1. The universal wheel can be braked smoothly. The universal wheel is designed to move easily and quickly. It is smooth and silent. The brake can be designed to press gently and be as stable as Mount Tai.
2. Selected ABS materials, using ABS resin material, non-toxic and odorless, environmentally friendly and safe, durable and wear-resistant, with a round shape and smooth toilet surface, even children can use it with peace of mind.
3. Rotating opening and closing, unique opening and closing method, adopting a rotating design, breaking away from traditional pulling methods, bringing a novel user experience. The original rotating opening and closing device does not require bending or laborious.

Name: Creative Placement Cart
Material: ABS
Colors: ginger, khaki, orange, beige, matcha green.

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