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Adjustable storage rack for dishes and utensils

Adjustable storage rack for dishes and utensils

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Storage of dishes, utensils, and utensils, with tongue tip protection to save kitchen clutter, U-shaped slot, adjustable spacing, and 99% storage of utensils.

The new posture of good kitchen items presents the kitchen pattern:
1. Hanger storage
2. Adjustable spacing
3. Transparent and visible
4. Strong load-bearing capacity
5. Healthy materials
6. One multi-purpose aircraft

Orderly storage, organized and tidy, traditional arrangement with overlapping layers, making it difficult to retrieve and easy to break dishes.Free adjustment of spacing allows for the placement of all sizes of dishes. By adjusting the spacing of dishes according to the size of the item, various pots and utensils can be stored.U-shaped card slot, stable placement, U-shaped card slot design, classic use, pot cover placement is very stable.

Vertical storage, quick access, stacked storage to save space, easy to place, suitable for various occasions.The details are carefully crafted, and every detail is carefully crafted to show you a better product.

Multi buckle design allows for easy disassembly and assembly. U-shaped card slot design, multifunctional, can accommodate pot covers. One stop storage for dishes, utensils, and utensils, rejecting messy and messy kitchens, and enjoying a clean and tidy space.

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