Hexagonal egg cutter

Hexagonal egg cutter

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Thickened 304 stainless steel egg cutter Preserved eggs splitter Century egg 6 equal egg splitter splitter

1. High grade 304 stainless steel material, environmentally friendly and healthy, with a beautiful appearance, finely polished, and shiny like a mirror.
2. One second flap cutting, beautiful and symmetrical. Safe to use. Thickened and durable,
3. Color box packaging, can be given as gifts to family and friends.
Panzhishen Kitchen God level Knife Craftsman! Before use, scald the egg trimmer with boiling water to prevent the yolk from sticking when cutting!

  • 6-wire steel wire slicing, fine and uniform slicing
  • Mirror finish technology, with a finely treated surface. Not easy to rust and easy to clean
  • Quick flap cutting, beautiful and uniform, thickened hexagonal 304 stainless steel egg splitter
  • Not only can eggs be cut, but other categories can also be cut
  • Lockable design saves space, and the rear handle is pulled outward to lock/pushed inward to unlock

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